Cougars spotted walking on SkyTrain tracks in Port Moody

Cougars spotted walking on SkyTrain tracks in Port Moody


There were some unexpected visitors on the Evergreen Line tracks this morning.

Two cougars were spotted around 4:15 a.m. on Friday, lurking along the guide rails inside Inlet SkyTrain station in Port Moody.


Their presence set off intrusion alarms but luckily this was before SkyTrain service had begun for the day.

By the time staff arrived, the cougars were gone.

Chris Bryan with TransLink says it’s not uncommon to see some wildlife approach tracks in the Tri-Cities, but says this was definitely a surprise.

“We’ve seen coyotes and racoons over the years get into our track area, but cougar is a new one for us.”

Bryan says staff have been in contact with the conservation office and says TransLink is working to ensure the cougars don’t make another surprise visit.

“Right now we’re just being extra vigilant, we’ve sent a notice out to all our staff and let them know to keep an eye out, we are inspecting the area around here just to make sure that there’s no holes in the fence or anything like that.”

But it’s still unclear how they got in in the first place.

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