A B.C. landscaper has found a way to avoid a big mortgage and still live in the house of her dreams: she built it herself.

All 130 sq. ft. of it.

Kayla Feenstra, 30, is putting the finishing touches to her tiny house in Abbotsford, a city not far from Vancouver.

Nicknamed "Jack in a Box," her custom-designed abode cost $15,000, took two months to construct, and sits on a trailer bed so she can easily move it if she wants.

"I didn't own any land, and I didn't want to build a house and then have to leave it behind, so then I thought about putting on wheels," Feenstra told The Huffington Post B.C. over the phone.

The self-employed Feenstra had always toyed with the idea of designing her own home, but it didn't become a real goal until an offer to buy a traditional house fell through in 2012. The day before the deal closed, she was asked to provide a bigger down payment, which she couldn't afford.

"I started thinking, do I really want a $300,000 mortgage? Do I really want to have roommates? How much space do I really need?" she said. "I realized I didn't actually need very much, I just needed some place to call home and I was really, really done with renting."

Feenstra, who grew up building log homes with her father, designed her tiny house with an 80 sq. ft. loft bedroom, kitchen, compost toilet, and bathroom with shower. It has three solar panels, a stove, a fridge, and low-voltage LED lights, as well as electric wiring in case she wants to hook up to a house or RV park for power.

She said people are surprised by "just how spacious it is. People walk inside and go, 'Oh my goodness, it's huge.' When you walk in the door there's an 11-foot cathedral ceiling."

That ceiling is necessary because Feenstra is 6'2" and lives in the house with her 100-lb. dog, Scotch, and a cat named Jinx.

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