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Hastings Park Sanctuary Pond


Hastings Park Sanctuary destination walk


Route statistics

Distance 2.1 km
Steps 2755
Elevation change 12 m

Hastings Park is the City of Vancouver’s second largest park at 66 hectares. For more than a century it has served as a venue for public events such as horse racing, concerts, professional sports, conventions, trade shows, and the annual summer Fair. The Hastings Park Walk is a 2.1 km or 2,755 step route that travels through the lush Sanctuary, alongside several notable buildings, and through themed gardens and other recreational space. 


Route details

In 1998-99, 15.5 hectares of Hastings Park were cleared of structures and blacktop so that a Sanctuary could be created. Upon entering you are overcome with a feeling of peace in this lush refuge, as it overflows with greenery and bird calls. The arched bridge provides a wonderful viewing point for the waterfowl along with over 100 other bird species that now call the Sanctuary home. A variety of diving and dabbling ducks, as well as Canada geese can be seen here all year.

Points of interest

  • Hastings Community Centre
  • Hastings Park Sanctuary
  • Playland
  • Agrodome
  • Il Giardino Italiano
  • Hastings Bowl Skate Park
  • Momiji Garden


This walk is wheelchair accessible. Paths include a mixture of pavement and wooden boardwalks

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